An eye-opening story of an idiot

An eye-opening story
An eye-opening story

An eye-opening story

Hi Guys! My name is Idiot Sharma. I used to work as a Senior Systems Engineer at Siemens India. I worked with Siemens as a Software developer for about 3.6 years.

I was a brilliant performer (Don’t go in my name). I was rated 4/5 for two continuous years. In one of these years I was once told that my manager even discussed giving me 5/5 ratings but as I was not interested in extracurricular activities and mostly focused on my work, they finally gave me 4/5 because I should have been more visible for getting 5/5. (These were all discussed in their roundtable discussion).

I was made part of every new module to be developed as my manager trusted me and he knew that I won’t let him down.

Sometimes I used to work till 2 a.m. In office just to complete my work on time. My seniors always told me that the deadlines I am getting are all fake and I should take more time for my work. But as I had only 1 year of experience before joining Siemens, I used to put my heart and soul into every project and always finished my projects before or on time.

A twist comes in the story

Now here, a twist comes in my story. All of my friends were sent to Germany and my manager didn’t bother even to ask me about it. With my complete team in Germany, I was left alone in India with some new joiners. I started feeling lonely in my project. One day I asked my manager that I need to change my project and want to move to Bangalore. He was very surprised at my decision but asked me why. I told him that I feel alone here and I felt bad that you asked everyone except me for this Germany project. As I was a valuable resource, my manager agreed to send me Germany but, I was told clearly that all the features I was working on needs to be completed before my relocation. I used to work hard as I had to deliver more than one module before leaving for Germany. For the next 2–3 months I used to stay in office till 2 am.

I started working in Germany in August 2014. One or two months down the line I started having severe back pain. I went for several physiotherapy sessions but nothing helped. Doctors told me that because of long sitting hours my back muscles became weak over time and because of that I had slip disc. Walking for 100 m became difficult for me. I was in deep pain and doctors even advised me to undergo rehabilitation process in Germany. I was afraid like hell.

I came back to India voluntarily. I didn’t want things to become worse for me. After coming back to India, I was on bed rest for 5 months and even now I am not fully fit. I was not paid my 5 months’ salary which was completely OK as I was not working. The manager, for whom I have worked for more than 2 years called me just once during these 5 months. When I went back to the office, I was given a 2/5 rating in my next appraisal cycle. I was told that I was ill for 5 months that’s why I was rated 2/5. I had several questions in mind like I didn’t get paid for these 5 months either. I seriously had no issues in getting no pay hike (people rated 2/5 get 0% pay hike), my only problem was that the work that I did for 7 months was not even considered. I told my manager clearly that I had no issues in getting a 0% pay hike but this 2/5 rating is unacceptable. I resigned the very next day.

I think all of you have a lot to learn from my story. I gave more than 100% when I was fit. I was the best performer, won many awards but as soon as I could not perform because of my illness I was treated like I was of no use.

The company for which I broke my back and because of which I was in bed for 5 months didn’t even consider my achievements and effort that I had put on the different project.

Moral of the Story

Love your job but never love your company.

Work hard but please take care of your health. No one will give a shit if your health deteriorates. Done be a fool like me.

Disclaimer: I got this story via an email to post it here. This story is already posted on Quora. Thank you, guys! And thank you, idiot, to make the whole fraternity of the idiots to think again.


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