Most atrocious act of Indian government

Atrocious act Indian government
Atrocious act Indian government

Government is not a Robin Hood. You have to pay even for your single breath.

Let’s imagine a scenario.

You are working in a corporate job as a top executive. You have done your engineering and MBA from a top college where you worked hard to get admission and also to score the top position in the class. You have got a good job in a corporate now, where you work 10-12 hours a day 5/6 days in a week to earn your living.

You are a married person and you are dining out with your family on the weekend in a fairly good hotel. You have selected some nice dishes looking the price so that your bill is within your budget i.e. Rs. 3000.

Once you finish your dinner, the waiter gives you a bill of Rs. 6000.

You are surprised and you carefully go through the bill and you find that most of the items added in your bill have never been ordered or consumed by you.

You are extremely angry and you go to the manager and ask him to explain the bill.

The manager tells you politely, ‘Sir! Your bill is only Rs 3000. However, you must have seen at your next table, a poor family dining.’

You: ‘Yes! I saw them munching. How do that matters?’

Manager: ‘Sir! They are very poor people. They have no money to pay for the food. We have a rule that if a poor man does not have money, the person dining on the next table has to pay for him.’

You are now extremely angry. You shout at the manager, “Why should I pay for someone else. If he is poor, he should not have dined here. I refuse to pay his bill. I will pay only for my food.”

The manager is also very angry and he shouts you back.

“According to the rules, it is your duty to pay. Do you mean that a poor man has no right to eat good food?

He has only exercised his right. If you refuse to pay, I have the power to attach your car, your house and even you get arrested.”

How do you feel in such a situation?

Would you ever go to that hotel again?

I would certainly not go to that hotel again and I would also advise all my friends not to visit that hotel.

One of the important wisdom in life is to know that there is no free lunch.

When you don’t pay for the lunch, someone else pays for it.

In the same way, when you don’t pay for the luxury services you are getting, someone else has to pay.

And that someone else is certainly not the politicians or the government officials.

That someone is you and me, the taxpayers, who have to pay for the free luxury services for those people who are getting them free of cost.

Suppose if, you get a chance to use these luxury services free of cost without paying any charges, who want to bother to pay. Sure! No one.

The freebies are the greatest disease for a nation.

By such acts, government acts like Robin Hood.

They rob Peter to pay Paul.

Such things are quite popular in movies and between the masses, but that kills the soul of the nation because such actions penalize the hard-worker and reward the non-worker.

– An Article by Awdhesh sir

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