How to gain weight in a healthy way?

gain weight in healthy way
gain weight in healthy way

Top Ayurvedic tips to gain weight naturally

It is very common to hear that how to lose weight. It is also one of the most written articles on the internet. But, when we talk about how to gain weight, it is not a much common thing in the west. West is suffering from obesity that’s why they are focusing on how to lose weight type things.

India is also facing the problem of obesity in cities but the villages are good generally.

Suppose a lean and thin built boy works in a metro city. In his office, most of his colleagues are facing obesity and he has to listen all the day “how to lose weight”?  Just imagine his condition. How traumatic he will feel.

Although gaining weight is not much difficult as losing weight. You can easily gain weight by using some Ayurvedic tactics, tonics, and medicines. Ayurveda would be the best way to gain your weight because it is harmless anyway.

A person must maintain a healthy weight, not to less not too much. Ayurveda always recommends maintaining a balanced or optimum state weight. If you are very thin or you are recuperating from an illness and you want to gain weight, do it gradually and naturally. Do not rush for unnatural market weight-gain supplements which may cause liver and kidney problems. A healthy person, with appropriate weight for his or her age and height, is more likely to have good immunity and lead a happy life.

Ayurveda says people with Vata dominant physiology are typically thin, while people with Kapha dominant physiology tend to be overweight. So, if you have a Vata body-type, it is very much possible to gain weight in a limit. Your body type doesn’t allow to be a fat guy. Instead of worrying about gaining weight, it is imperative to focus on being strong and healthy.

Following is a list of 10 points which can make your body strong, healthy and good looking:

Soy Bean

Soybean is the biggest source of protein which is the most important thing for a strong and well-built body.  You must include soy in your meal. Soy is rich in protein and it must be included in your diet if you are a vegetarian.

Fruits or fruit juice

You must eat a fruit or drink fresh fruit juice daily if you want to gain weight in a healthy way. If it is not possible to take fruits daily, try to take it alternate days.

Non-veg Foods (i.e. Meat, Fish and Eggs etc.)


If you a non-vegetarian, you must take eggs regularly. You should add fish, meat in your meal twice in a week.

Dairy products (i.e. Milk, Curd, Ghee etc.)

Include curd and ghee in your lunch on daily basis. You must take a glass of milk after your dinner. If you eat two chapatis (bread) with a bowl of milk just after completing your dinner then it will be more beneficial for a healthy weight gain. Remember that these two slices of bread are extra after your complete dinner. If you eat extra, you will get extra calories which is important to gain weight.

Grains and sugarcane

Include more wheat, rice, black gram, barley and sugarcane in your meal. These are all good for gaining weight in a healthy manner.

Exercise regularly

You must exercise on daily basis. Gaining weight doesn’t mean that you should not move your ass. If you want a healthy weight gain, you must exercise regularly. It allows the body to metabolize the food you have consumed and further keep your appetite strong.

Healthy Spices

There are some spices which are very beneficial for your body and immune system.  Add these spices as cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cardamom, clove and black pepper in small quantity in your diet. It helps in stimulating your appetite.

Take a sound sleep

A sound sleep at night is very important for a good body and a sound mind. You must get at least 8 hours of proper sleep. You should avoid distractions before going to bed, like mobile phones or laptops. Drink a glass of cow’s milk with a pinch of turmeric for a sound sleep. You can also try 1 full spoon of Ashwagandha with a glass of warm milk for a sound sleep. It also promotes your body weight as well as your immune system.

Eat in a normal speed

While you are chewing your food, you must concentrate only on your food. It will help you to chew your food well which is very important for your complete digestion. Always eat your food at a normal speed, not too fast, not too slow. Eating at a steady speed stimulates the salivary glands, which aids the digestion of your food properly.

Concentrate on food while eating

Do not watch television, use your mobile phone or read while you are eating. These are the most common habits of children but you should always guide them to avoid these things. These are the main reason behind overeating because you don’t concentrate on your food and try to swallow as much as possible. This is the main reason for unhealthy weight gain. It may also be a cause of poor digestion. Eat actively and allow your body to be engaged in the act of eating.

Choose a clean and noise-free environment to have your meals

A clean and noise-free environment is good for every aspect of life. It keeps you cool and calm, active and peaceful and most important it makes you relaxed which is very important for a good body and a sound mind.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is good for your digestion as well as your hair and skin. It makes your skin glowing and hair shining. It also helps to remove acne, pimples, blackhead, and bumps from your skin. But you should be very careful while drinking water. Do not drink a lot of water before or after meals. You may take small sips during meals if you need. In winters, you can sip lukewarm water during meals.

If you want to drink a lot of water, make ensure that you take it before or after 1 hour your meal. After taking your meal, drink water after at least half an hour. It will help to make your food completely digest.

Massage your body

Massage your body daily with sesame or olive oil.  Massaging the body with sesame oil makes your muscles and bones strong. It also promotes blood circulation which will carry nutrients to all parts of your body and nourish it.

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