G / Gain

We are sure, you will gain. Just one thing we ask for is: Your patience, regularity and acceptability. 

We are here to provide you information on a wide range of fields. It is just a start. We hope, you will spend your spare time with us for what?

Sure: Gain 😀

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C / Competence

Increase your competency.

Yes! You are capable to do anything.

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M / Majestically

Rule the world like King.

Only knowledge can make you majestic.

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 GCM technology: A Platform for Amazing Things

GCM technology is a blog initially intended to provide only technical information to the users but later we decided to focus on each and every subjects related to human life. Here you get technology related articles as well as articles on different aspects of life. For example: culture, entertainment, science, humor and blogs about how to make money online etc.

Our Message

Facebook rejected Brian Acton, He founded Whatsapp.
Apple fired Steve Jobs, He created NeXt.
All India Radio rejected Amitabh Bachchan. He created history.
A local newspaper rejected Walt Disney and He caused revolution.
A school rejected Albert Einstein and he taught the world.
So, “Challenge your rejections. Stand against them and Write your own story.”

“If they don’t give you job, employ them in your own company”.
“If she doesn’t love you, employ her husband or boyfriend”.
“If someone calls you poor, Show them what richness is”.
“If the whole world rejects you, Own the world”.


Quote of the day

“It Doesn’t Matter Where You Came From. All That Matters Is Where You Are Going.”- Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy