Is being wealthy worth it?

Is being wealthy worth it
Is being wealthy worth it

This is a very general question generally asked by the people who are struggling in their life to get more power, money or success. When you don’t get success which you dreamt about or money what you plan to earn after completing your college, this question comes to mind. Money is not bad at all. The only thing here debatable is: which way of making money is good and which is bad?

Once I got a chance to read a very famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The writer explains the two scenarios of people’s mind towards money.

  1. “The love for money is root of all evil.”

  2. “The lack of money is root of all evil.”

These are the two facts. What you think is not only matter of your choice, it also reflects on your behavior, your lifestyle, your way of thinking and your wallet.

If you think that the love for money is not good and it is the only reason for all evils then you can’t become rich whatever you are, whatever you do.

If you understand that the lack of money is the root of all evils, nothing can stop you to become rich. This philosophy will make your mind enough clear that you will do whatever you want to do.

Now come on the question. If being wealthy worth it?

Yes, it is. If you have a goal in your life, enough time to spend your money and a healthy body to enjoy all the blessings of God. Otherwise, it doesn’t worth it.

Let me tell you a story. I read it on Quora. This is a story of a movie. One of the best movies ever made: Forrest Gump

One day, Forrest Gump starts running because he wanted to clear his mind after Jenny had left him.

1 month later: He kept running.

6 month later: He kept running.

1 year later: He kept running.

He became famous. No one knew the reason why he was running. But he was. People started following him.

After more than 3 years had passed, suddenly, he stopped.

People thought that they would get to know the reason of his running. But he just says: I am tired. I want to go home.

And he goes back.

There was no objective behind his running for more than three years. He was just doing it. It was direction less. He reached one end of the road- and he will turn back and keep running. He didn’t enjoy the journey, and if you look the people who supported him- they too didn’t get anything in return.

Now, consider this as a run to become rich:

You don’t know where you want to reach.

You keep running.

There is no particular direction/path. You just want to keep running ahead.

You keep running.

You don’t stop.

You keep running to earn more and more money.

You keep running towards the goal of becoming rich (The goal that doesn’t have a finishing line.)

Now, after running this long just ‘to become rich’:

Just pause for a second and think whether you actually enjoyed running? What did you achieve on the path? Are you happier? Are you satisfied?

No, you aren’t satisfied as there is no finishing line.

Then, you realize that there was no motive for you to become rich.

But, if you have a goal that by becoming rich:

You want to help the poor.

You want to generate employment opportunities.

You want to bring a smile to the faces of people surrounding you.

Then this run is worthy,

So, it all depends on the motive of becoming rich.

If you are in politics, power will give you more happiness than money.

If you are an athlete, becoming on top of your sport will give you more happiness than money.

If you are a saint, spreading a right message will give you more happiness.

Thus, motive matters. The objective- the milestones- the goal- this is what makes the journey satisfactory.

So, depending on the objective that gives you the most pleasure- becoming rich is worth it.

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