Job or Business? What is good?

Job vs Business
Job vs Business

Job vs Business

This is a very obvious question that which one is good a job or a business? We all know that it is easy to get a job if you are qualified and educated but running your own business is not for everyone. Some people have the temperament to do it.

Let’s see why having your own business is better than a job:

1. You rule your kingdom (Boss)

Working under someone else has always felt like a restriction. However, when you are out there, setting up your own business, you are the in charge. This point itself is a boon in disguise. It gives you the freedom to choose and make a decision of your choice. It also lifts off the barriers of restriction from you.

Moreover, being your own boss means that you can run the business with your own strategies without any restrictions. This also gives the elasticity to choose your own working hours. In addition, you also have the freedom to enjoy the family matters whenever it is required.

2. Your hard work pays you (and not your boss)

The biggest complaint about defending starting own business is that the hard work that they do does not feel rewarding in the corporate sector. I agree that the hard work must not be feeling rewarding as the salary is fixed in the corporate sector. Everyone enjoys the benefits of their hard work.

The phrase ‘hard work pays off ‘seems relevant in the own business category only. On a longer run, owning a business have high scopes to be very successful in the future.


One of the most successful companies of its time i.e. Microsoft started its journey from someone’s garage. Therefore, there is always a scope for betterment. All you have to do is just try it.

3. Secured job (No one to fire)

Temporary or not, corporate sectors’ workers have no such guarantee of their jobs. They can be fired at any time due to any reasons. The reasons may be the working performance or recession’s demand. In your own business, you have the advantage of hiring yourself. Thus, the idea of firing yourself can never arise. As a result, you enjoy the freedom of working the way you want regardless of the fear of losing the source of your bread.

4. Secure and satisfied on mental grounds

The driving force that pushes you to achieve better is the satisfaction. You feel satisfied when you are able to do what you always want to. For example, your passion is your own beauty parlor. Every day you do not have to wake yourself up unwillingly. Instead, your passion for your parlor will drive you. As a result, you would always make sure to be enthusiastic about your work. Your main motive would be to impress your client. This in itself would give you peace. This in itself is a reward for you.

5. The exposure to experience all aspects

As a corporate worker, you do not get much exposure. You simply experience one part of the job. For example, if your job is to manage the marketing of the company’s product then you solely work under the marketing team. However, if you have your own business you are able to understand and experience all the angles and diameters of your work.

For example, if you have your own beauty parlor you would have to look out for the salary, accounting, trainee fees, income, profit, etc. These things do not matter to someone who works as an assistant in the parlor.

6. No payment problems

As an employee, you are aware of your annual income along with a little increment on your successful tries. Unless you get a promotion, your salary is stagnant. However, when owning a business you have the potential to earn more depending upon how you work and run the business. You might handle your own pricing and marketing strategies and set your own profit bar. This promises a lucrative income as long as the business is running.

Now, let’s see why a job is better than a business: 😀

1. A job is more secure

Security is the biggest reason people have jobs.  Now, some personal development gurus will tell you there is no job security. Yes, it is true in this economy, it sounds like the right advice.  I mean, you could get laid off at any time.  But does that mean starting a business is that much more secure?

Sorry for being harsh, but most new businesses go under within 2 years. Most people keep their jobs longer than 2 years.

In a direct comparison, a job provides more security than a business. Lose your job and you can find another one.  Lose your business and you could lose your house or even more.

2. Jobs provide a steady income

If you cannot handle the income swings of having a business then a job is way better. I ran a business for 6 years and the income was never steady. Some clients think payment is optional or they pay late or you have to sue them to get paid. Can you handle having NO income for months and then get a large lump sum?

If you are someone who does not have the temperament to handle financial insecurity, then having a job is right for you.

3. Work Fewer Hours

You have to work fewer hours at a job than with your own business. In your business, you can’t just sit back and watch the money flow in.

If you have a business, you work all the time. You are on call 24 hours a day when you run a business. Yes, you may set your own hours, as long as you set them to 24 hours a day.

A joke all business owners like to tell is: you’ll work 80 hours a week just for the privilege of not working 40 hours for someone else.  But it’s not a joke… it’s true.

4. Fewer Headaches

You think it is bad working for one boss?  Imagine that you have 20 bosses.  Try 100.  Try 1,000. Well, your clients are your bosses and they tell you exactly what to do. Sure you can choose whom you can work with, but really, how many clients do you think you will turn down when they pay? Be your own boss? 😀 LOL

One more: you always work for someone whether it’s clients, customers or the government. You do work for someone and then there is this worst boss ever you’ll ever have to deal with you, yourself.

5. You Can’t Lose Your House When You Lose Your Job

How would you start your business?

Let’s see, how do you get money to start that business?  Either you take it from your savings or borrow it.

So, if your business goes under (most do), you either lose your savings or default on a big loan.

Do you lose your life savings by losing a job?

You take a much bigger financial risk when you start a business than having a job.

Let’s compare both and see the result:

 Job Business
1You get hired. You get started.
2You have a boss. You have freedom.
3You execute. You create ideas.
4You are overworked. You choose to overwork.
5You get paid. You win clients.
6You fear layoffs. You fear bankruptcy.
7You strive for titles. You print your label.
8You take leaves. You roll up your sleeves.
9You hate Mondays. You love your business open.
10You give your child a degree. You give your child a business.
11You congratulate your child on getting hired. You mentor your child to grow what you started.

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