London vs Delhi How is London culturally different from Delhi?

London vs Delhi
London vs Delhi

London vs Delhi

As a Delhi guys, these are the biggest cultural shocks I faced when I moved to London.

  • In London, foxes are every where. Every morning as soon as I step out of the house I see randomly roaming in the street like cat.
  • The entire city completely shuts down after 4 pm on Sunday where as in my city we have late night restaurants even on weekends
  • When I say to my colleagues I don’t eat Chicken on particular days of the week I have to spend good 10min explaining them why!!
  • “PANTS “ means underwear and “Trousers “ means pants. Unfortunately in a very embarrassing way I was taught this by my colleagues!
  • Everyone in the street will ask you “are you alright? “ which simply means hello. When ever I was asked this by some strangers I thought I looked sad or there is something wrong with me
  • People eating pizza with Fork and knife. Actually I have never seen anyone eating anything in bare-hands. Even when i go to Indian restaurants I have seen some British eating Dosa with Fork
  • The fact that the water you are taking shower in is drinkable is by far my biggest cultural shock
  • Using shoes inside a house was totally strange to me. I was raised in India where the culture is to put your shoes off before entering a house. When my host family told me to keep wearing shoes inside their house, I was a bit confused
  • No ceiling fans,they just don’t use ceiling fans. They use pedestal fan or air conditioner in summers.
  • If guy says I love you, he is not proposing to me in most of the cases!!
  • Consumer Prices in London are 182.90% higher than in Delhi.
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in London are 292.78% higher than in Delhi.
  • Rent Prices in London are 692.01% higher than in Delhi.
  • Restaurant Prices in London are 246.50% higher than in Delhi.
  • Groceries Prices in London are 123.04% higher than in Delhi.
  • Local Purchasing Power in London is 31.81% higher than in Delhi.

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