Why is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

Absolutely yes!

Apple is for class. Microsoft is for mass.

The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple are long over. Microsoft makes some of the best apps you can get for your device but Apple gets all the attention when it comes to its technology.

I remember that joke. A guy asks the audience “with your current account balance, which Apple product could you buy?” Most of them are down, so the most common answer is “An apple”.

A laughter appears in the hall. Again the guy asks “And you, Bill?” Gates smiles, and just says “Apple”.

Ok. Let’s think seriously.

If you destroy Apple, you will have found only a few hipsters crying in a corner. If you destroy Microsoft, the world economy will collapse, because it relies on their software. If you destroy Amazon, the half of the Internet will collapse. If you destroy Oracle, good-bye to the financial world. If you destroy Google, the world will not be the same as before.

The point is, Apple makes fancy gadgets. That’s it.

But you can’t ignore Steve Jobs. He was an innovator. He dared to think beyond imagination while Bill Gates is just a copycat who got ideas from Steve.

Why is Microsoft better than Apple?


Mac says “There are no viruses in the OS X world and you don’t need antivirus on a Mac”. The first statement is completely false but we can debate on the second statement.

It is true that Mac is less likely to be infected by computer viruses. This is partly because OS X as a UNIX-based system is compartmentalized in such a way that it is harder to infect than a Windows PC. It is also true that fewer criminals attempt to hack Macs because there is a smaller user base and it is harder to do. Criminals don’t become criminals because they have a great work ethic.

But Macs are not completely secure. They do get malware, and it will be a bigger deal as Mac market share grows.

Nowadays, the vector of attack is mainly tended to be social rather than technical. You are more likely to be phishing for bank details or persuaded to click a dodgy link on Facebook and get hit by a drive-by malware exploit.

Windows are not perfect. Yes, they are insecure. But at least Windows users know that. Windows 8 comes with antivirus baked in. It is, as Kylie once sang, better the devil you know. All internet use exposes you to threat: at least Windows users don’t be complacent.


Most of the Macs have a decent value, but they are not cheap. They have integrated graphics and limited storage. Only a wealthy, high-end class can afford Mac. If you want a true value computer you have to look to the Windows world. You can choose a decent family or office PC or laptop for even a half price of a Mac.


Windows provide a free to download software just to do anything. Although Mac also has a plenty of programs to run on your OS X Mac and most major programs have Mac versions but that is most, and not all. You have to change the settings to install anything that isn’t approved by Apple itself. It means the software all works well, but the choice is limited.

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