Does money worth it? Does it really buy happiness?

Money worth really buy happiness
Money worth really buy happiness

My mother told me that my housemaid Sandhya has two daughters but none of them were in school, couples of month back my mother discussed with her about her daughters education at first she was not convinced but when my mom said do you want your daughters to work like you, which made her emotional and she said what about the expenses in return my mom said I will take care of your daughters education.

Translation- In the month of March I got employee of the month award along with a client incentive of $ 1000 (INR 65,000) I told this to my mom as I wanted to take my parents on a short trip.

Translation- She told me that due to lack of money Sandhya is not able to send her daughters to school and she has planned to educate them and she told me to contribute the client incentive amount for their education.

I transferred the money to my mom’s account.

Translation- Couple of days later I got a WhatsApp message from my mother along with a picture of Sandhya and her daughters, that today was their first day at school.

Second picture-

A great initiative by Rakshit Mishra

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