The horrible witch who was idolized and worshiped in India: Not my Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa a horrible saint
Mother Teresa a horrible saint

Mother Teresa a horrible saint

Mother Teresa a name of humanity in India was a Roman Catholic nun and missionary. She was one of the greatest promoters of human misery and poverty in the 20th Century.

She probably received up to a BILLION dollars in donations (Although it is not an open fact, because she kept it all totally secret).

She did not build a single clinic or hospital or health center but did build over 200 convent missions to convert poor Indian girls to Christianity and make them into nuns to worship her and do her bidding.

Her Human Warehouses (they cannot be called clinics or hospitals) offered no medical or health care at all! Patients died from infections that could have been cured by a simple and very cheap course of antibiotics. When doctors brought in medicines and equipment, she refused to buy anything. Her warehouse always used garbage. For example, they use syringes after washing them out with cold water and reused on a patient after patient. Another thing we’ll never know is how many people she gave AIDS/HIV as a result.

She refused to give painkillers even to terminal cancer patients dying in agony, because, she believed that, “Suffering is a sign of God’s love”. She said, “Every pain in your body is God kissing you.” Although, when she was fucking ill, she was admitted to the best and most expensive hospitals in the world.

You can see a lot of excellent exposes of Teresa’s horrible, immoral “work” and her disgusting, inhuman personality. One is written by the great Humanist Christopher Hitchens, another is written by a former nun who volunteered for Teresa in Calcutta and was horrified by what she saw, and another quite definitive and more recent report was done by two university academics in Quebec.

Years back in India I met an idealistic Irish nurse who had volunteered to serve at the Calcutta clinic. She had been deeply shocked by the conditions, the philosophy, and by Mother Teresa herself. She left soon afterward, totally disillusioned. She described the regime as rigid and heartless and felt that there was no interest at all in providing medical care, even for the most inexpensive treatments. She described it as a death cult. The last straw was when she saw a child die of a trivially preventable condition. The stories she told were truly harrowing.

She was actually a deeply unpleasant person. Her sanctification speaks volumes about the morality of the Catholic hierarchy. She had only one “vision” and only “mission” Conversion.

Convert everybody to Christianity.

She was an agent of Pope who made her a “saint” though she was a “ghost” personified.


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