Narendra Modi vs Nirav Modi Is it possible for Narendra Modi to recover money from Nirav Modi?

Narendra Modi vs Nirav Modi
Narendra Modi vs Nirav Modi

Narendra Modi vs Nirav Modi

India can never recover the money from Nirav Modi (NiMo) because most of the money has already been safely invested abroad where Indian authorities have no jurisdiction.

NiMo is a smart person and he would not have committed the mistake of buying the properties in his name. Most of the properties must be in the name of companies, his spouse, his children or his relatives. Hence, Government can’t seize such properties.

Here is what is likely to happen in NiMo case:

  • A large number of raids would be conducted in companies of NiMo as if he is foolish enough to keep his accounts and money still in these premises after the fraud is displayed on media 24×7.
  • Some property belonging to NiMo would be seized by ED, CBI and Income Tax.
  • Some petty officials of PNB would be arrested.
  • Some petty officials belonging to the company of NiMo would be arrested.
  • All the arrested people would get bail within few months and live a normal life.
  • NiMo would not be arrested and he would continue to enjoy good life in a safe foreign country by using only a part of money earned by the fraud.
  • Even if Government is able to arrest him or repatriate him after couple of years, he would have already transferred all his properties in different names and no money can be recovered.
  • BJP would blame congress for the fraud and Congress would do the same. People would believe depending upon their political inclination.
  • BJP’s image would be dented after this scam and they would lose a few crore votes in the next elections due to this scam.
  • People would forget about this scam after a few months.
  • They would again remember this case when the next fraud would take place.
  • Someone would again ask a question: ‘How would government recover money from Mallya, NiMo and ….XYZ?
  • You can save this answer as you can reuse this answer after changing the names of the character after the next fraud.
  • And the journey of fraud shall continue in India.

– Awdhesh Singh (An IITian and a former IRS)

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