How to overcome and move on after breakup?

Overcome after breakup
Overcome after breakup

Overcome after breakup

A breakup is not the end of life. It may be an eye-opening moment for you if you open your eyes and brain. Think twice before being sad. Does she/he deserve you either? Was that your true love? Relax! Sip a glass of cold water and think about it.

I have a practical, easy, tried, tested and guaranteed method to move on after a heart break. What you have to do is just to train your brain and take things in a positive way.

Why do people think about the ex? Does it provide a soothing emotion to your mind? No. It is a blunder that heartbroken people continuously do. They always keep on thinking about their ex-love. This one thing messes up everything and makes their life hell.

I would advise you something

From now, when you see a couple holding their hands, don’t think of your ex. Don’t go back to the past and look at that beautiful memory. Instead of this, imagine that someone else is going to enter in your life, and will hold your hand exactly that way.

When you see a kissing scene in a movie, don’t give a shit to your first kiss. Think about upcoming kisses in your life.

When you recall any memory from your past about your ex, cut your ex from that memory, paste your upcoming love, and play it.

Try it and I am sure your life will be beautiful.

Always remember

Someone is definitely going to hold your hand, exactly in a way, your ex did.

Someone is definitely going to hug you, exactly in a way, your ex did.

Someone is definitely going to care for you, exactly in a way, your ex did.

Someone is definitely going to love you, the way your ex did. May be way better than that.

Replace your ex with the upcoming love of your life in your thoughts and you are ready to rock.

A new life is waiting. Don’t waste it on your past thoughts. Try to make your present beautiful.


No! I am not heartless. I have also a heart.

Some people can say that I am talking like a heartless person. But, believe me, I am not.

Things are very clear. You may feel depressed, lonely, afraid, and anxious after your breakup. Your heart feels emotionally broken, but did you know the breakup had a very adverse physical effect on your body as well?

You must take care of yourself after break up. Feeling rejected because of a relationship breakup has serious negative effects on different parts of your body because emotional pain activates the same pathways in the brain that physical pain does. That’s why your whole body, mind, soul, and spirit hurts.

Adverse Physical effects on your body after a breakup

  • Unwanted and unhealthy weight-gain (Especially, if you are an emotional eater)
  • Swelled and puffy eyes
  • Traumatized heart
  • Break out skin (It may be a cause of psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, and acne etc.)
  • Slow brain
  • Destroyed Immune system
  • Disturbed sleeping behavior

Do you want to make your body a home for diseases?
No? So, be happy. 😀 😀 😀

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