I wish I were able to learn ground reality in my high school

reality indian education system
reality indian education system

What is the one thing you wish all high school students should know?

Let me tell an example of my friend. Let’s us call him “A”. A was always a bright student. He always topped in his schools and college. He never wastes a second of time in unproductive things like playing, party gathering, social meetings, learning new things beyond books (he thinks these things unproductive). He was literally a book-worm and he got the result by paying the prizes. But, what is the result of that determined and sincere work? This 9 to 5 job? Which a simple graduate or even a 10+2 student can do with some training.

He got 98% + in his high school and intermediate and graduated as a top student.

But, what are the results?

He spent thousands and hundreds of hours studying a lot of subjects like:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Biography of poets
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Math
  • And obviously doing boring and arduous home works.

The real frustration starts now. At present, he is working in a software industry. Does he need anything he learned in his high school?  No.

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Read his story (frustration) in his own words:

I forgot 70% of what I learned. Schools intentionally prevent you from maturing, they make simple things appear too complicated and difficult. The teachers treat you like a machine and make you memorize stupid stuff, namely, it fills your head with propaganda, distortions, and lies about history. What is the need of filling your head with unnecessary facts? How it helps in your career that Akbar started a new religion “Deen-e-Elahi”? Believe me, these WTF facts we have to memorize in our high school. All our marks depend on how we memorize things better. How sharp your memory is measured as your intelligence. Rational thinking is totally prohibited. The only thing you have to do is: open your books and fill all the facts in your mind as a machine stores data.

I wish I was an average student with 60-70% marks and spent those precious hours and dollars to self-studying.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Human behavior
  • Public speaking
  • Programming
  • Sales and marketing

There is no need for schools or university to be smart, start a business and be financially independent. The thing you need is just a self-confidence, a vision of what you are going to be 7 years from now, plus action.

Once Jack Ma said:

I told my son: you don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person has enough free time to learn other skills.

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