Why do I respect Adolf Hitler?

respect Adolf Hitler
respect Adolf Hitler

You can love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him.

Yes! I respect Adolf Hitler.

Why I respect Hitler?

I respect Hitler because he was the man who brought Germany out of chaos and turned it into a superpower in just 6 years.

After WW-1, Germany was in total chaos. The Allies had blamed the whole war on Germany and the German people and made them pay all the reparations for all the countries who participated in the war. The Germans were named, shamed and humiliated in each and every corner of Europe. The German economy was in shambles due to the war reparations they had to pay. Unemployment was at its peak. People had no food, no homes, no clothes, no jobs, nothing. As a result, Berlin had become the Crime capital of Europe.

There were brothels in almost every corner of Berlin as young women had to somehow feed themselves and they had no other options. And the customers in those brothels were mostly the French and the British.

What did Hitler do?

  • Hitler changed everything in just a span of 6 years from 1933 to 1939.
  • He imposed dictatorship and begun to eliminate all the enemies of the state, including the corrupt, the communists, the aristocrats who were least interested in helping the country out of the misery. (and unfortunately the Jews too).
  • Berlin which was the crime capital till 1932 had suddenly become the most disciplined city in the world by 1934.
  • 7 million youths were unemployed when Hitler came to power. That was almost about 70% unemployment. By 1939, it reduced to less than 1 percent.
  • Hitler created roads more than half of the German roads even today were built during Hitler’s reign of 1933–39.
  • Today the world knows Germany as one of the most disciplined nations of the world…Hitler had an immense role to play in that.
  • Hitler had run the world’s first and biggest anti-smoking campaign.
  • Hitler strengthened the German army in spite of the thousands of sanctions to such an extent that it successfully fought against the whole world for 6 long years.
  • Hitler’s army captured Paris in 2 weeks and the whole of France in just 2 months. And not just that he humiliated the French officers in exactly the same way they had humiliated the German people after WW1.
  • Hitler made those colonial powers realize how it is to be like when you are captured and shamed for your nationality, how it feels like when someone else captures your territory and make you feel like slaves.
  • It was solely because of Hitler that the world was freed of the colonial forces, and though in India we credit our freedom to the likes of Mahatma Gandhi but the fact is if Hitler hadn’t broken the backs of the British and all other colonial forces of the earth then maybe India would have had been a colony of the British even today.
  • Hitler focused a lot on physical health. He laid a lot of emphasis on the physical and mental wellbeing of the German youth. Thousands of German youths joined the Hitlerjunge where they were given training in physical fitness and mental abilities and trained them well enough to not to crack down in times of immense chaos and trouble. It was probably because of this training that the German youth as young as 10 years old kids were brave enough to fight the war when the fronts were pushed into the German territory.

Bad qualities of Hitler

Yes, Hitler had many bad qualities too. Yes, he was a racist. But if anyone looks into the history and compares the extent of racism among the whites back then one might understand that Hitler’s racism was nothing in front of this. Back then the Americans used to look down upon blacks as slaves and never dared to even allow a black’s shadow around them. The British treated Indians as poop skinned people but in case of the Nazis have a look by yourself.

The only victims of Nazi racism were the Jews and I have deepest sympathies for them. I’ve never been able to figure out what made Hitler hate the Jews to such an extent. But as far as the British and the French of those times were concerned…they deserved the Nazi-bashing and I love Hitler the most because of this. It was he who single-handedly liberated the world which was enslaved by the British, & the French. Heil Hitler…Seig Heil.

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