Why rich get richer and poor get poorer

Rich get richer poor get poorer
Rich get richer poor get poorer

Rich get richer poor get poorer.

We all know that a wealthy country must have a large stable middle class. The growing gap between the rich and the poor is not good for the economy of any country.

The difference between the rich and poor is always a hot topic of discussion between economists and political scientists to social workers and activists.

Let’s see how money works?

How rich getting richer and poor getting poorer day by day.

“It’s all depends on thoughts and actions”.

Let me share an incredible story I had heard when I was young.

There are two men in a village. One is extremely rich and the other one is very poor. The poor man always complained to God, saying, “how unfair life is to me, the rich man can buy anything he wants. Life is so easy for him but I have no money and always have to be a slave!” So, the God took the rich man and made him as poor as the poor man. Now the poor man becomes happy. God gave them both fishing rods.

So of course, both being poor, they start fishing. End of the day, the poor man catches 10 fishes and sells them for 200 rupees at the market. He was very happy. He decides to buy some vegetables, some rice, and as a special treat, some meat too for his family and they have a grand feast that night.

The rich man also catches 10 fishes, but he sells 9 for 180 rupees. He eats the last fish with his family, but it was not enough so they go to bed hungry. The next day he takes his 180 rupees, and offers a fellow 100 rupees to help him fish. The next day he gets 20 fishes. He sold 18 fishes for 360 rupees and repeats the process. The poor man still buys some vegetables, some meat, and remains the same.

After some time, the rich man has saved quite good money to make other investments and other business ventures. He regained his early position in society as a rich man but what about that poor man? He is still fishing, buying some vegetables, and meat for his family and obviously complaining to God. 😀

So my point is, if you want to be rich, you have to be good with money and always ready to make sacrifices. Being good with money makes you able to save precious time and maximize your opportunities.

Thinking Matters

Now let’s talk about rich people (people having too much money)

There are 2 kinds of people with money:

Wealthy people

These type of people are self-made men. They have got that money by hard working, timely working and developed at least one marketable skill.

Rich people

These type of people have some god gifted luck. They either got their money with no work at all i.e. won the lottery, inherited a fortune or worked for it but got a lot of it all of a sudden and to have perishable skills i.e. athletes, singers, movie stars etc.

If the first type of people (wealthy people) faced with a total loss of money, they would just start a new venture with their skills and slowly build up their fortune again. You can see the above example.

But, the rich people either have no marketable skill or maybe the skill ran out (severe injury for an athlete, or voice loss for a singer/movie star or maybe just falling out of style). It’s much harder for this category to make a comeback.

A few key differences between the rich and the wealthy

Rich people get easy money and don’t know their value, they spend like there is no tomorrow. The live a classy and extravagant life buy expensive cars, yachts, private planes, mansions (more than they need or can afford). They keep a high profile, easily seen on TV and in the papers. And most importantly they decrease their capital with each passing day.

Wealthy people worked hard for their money, know their value and only buy what they need. In general life, you also can see very wealthy people who use normal cars. They live in houses above average but insignificant compared to the rich people’s mansions, they generally don’t own yachts or planes unless they are absolutely necessary. They keep a low profile, usually not making the news. You can easily get them in shopping malls or other public places without knowing them who they are. They have the money working for them and increase their capital for each day.

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