What is satisfaction? How to be satisfied in this hectic life and career?


Here, I am going to talk about your career only. How to get satisfied in career? How to succeed in your career playfully?

Have you ever realized what the main reason for your dissatisfaction is? Why do you distract and annoy with your regular full-time job, for what you had once worked your ass off? No. you don’t know the answer.

Many people ask me that I am a married man, I have a great responsibility, I have kids, I am working in this area/ I am working in that area. Once it was my dream job, I always wanted to work in this/that domain, but……

Now, while I am in that dream job, I am not interested anymore, my job is killing me day by day.

Most of the people in India, not only in India precisely in the world are facing the same situation.

One of my friend who is 30 years old, married and has a kid also is facing the same situation. He is a graduate of a tier-2 engineering college. He was never interested to do engineering rather than he has a keen interest in banking because his father was a banker. After graduation, he cleared the Bank PO exam and joined a public sector bank as a PO.

Now, he is frustrated because of his job nature.

I also know some elderly people who are working as a branch manager in different banks. When I asked about this problem to them what they have advised is given below:

Join banks only if you don’t have any other government jobs option in hand. You don’t know how much work pressure you will have to handle. You should always be honest yourself while doing the job.

If you are not giving even 50% to your job, it is good for you to quit it. If you are even giving 60 percent to the job, multiply it.

Just think,

First we work hard for an exam then we work hard in office then we again work hard for another exam. This loop doesn’t make any sense especially in the case you are broken.

One thing you should also remember that this job is not bad. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is not good. Lakhs of candidates are still fighting for these jobs, if you don’t do it, somebody else will.

No job is good or bad, it’s all about work pressure. There is some POs who are happy even with SBI. There are also some inspectors in government departments who are not happy because of remote postings. It just depends on the person’s attitude. So work smart.

If you are in this job and facing the same problem, here are some solutions:

Quit the job, prepare for SSC or UPSC (if you have the capability), work hard and get a good job but SSC’s joining procedures will test your patience. You will think that time in a bank was good. They will take 2 good years at least.

Prepare with your current job in-hand. But you need to prepare hard. competition is cut throat. (This suggestion is only for SSC preparation. UPSC deserves more time and it is next to impossible to prepare for UPSC with a full time regular job especially banking. )

Think once again. Give yourself time. Maybe transfer will change the things in the future.

All the best for your future.

Note: We are not discouraging the banking sectors employees. These guys are awesome. This post is only meant for those who are suffering in this area.

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