Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review
Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review

Tiger Zinda hai movie review by GCM Entertainment

Tiger Zinda Hai Star Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sajjaad Delafrooz, Anupriya Goenka, Kumud Mishra, Angad Bedi, Paresh Rawal, Girish Karnad

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie stars: 2.5 stars

Ali Abbas Zafar is back with the sequeal of Ek Tha Tiger which was a blockbuster of that year. Now, Tiger: the spy is a loving husband of Zoya, a Pakistani agent. He is now on the mission to save the world, with a little bit of help from his friends.

This movie tries to go some step ahead in creating a channel between India and Pakistan. The imaginary explanation is: if their spies can bond in the face of a common enemy, why not the two estranged nations? This is surely a Bollywood utopia who can dare go down this ‘aman-ki-asha’ path with such schmaltzy bravura, and given that Salman had successfully darted across the border in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, why not do an encore this time around?

Keep patience, this is just a movie. I wish it could be in real.

The first half of this movie is slow and everything goes in an explanatory mode. Director Ali Abbas Zafar has a lot of leisure time and literally, every plot point is picked up and repeated before it happens, so everything is easy peasy, comic-book-y, boring for a not-patient guy. I shut my ears every time this happened, and returned only when the action re-started.


Action is well-drafted and actually, the number of vehicles blown up should give Rohit Shetty a complex. A bunch of Indian and Pakistani nurses being held hostage by terrorists and are in real danger. Now Indian intelligence have to confront with their Pakistani counterpart and start a joint mission for the saviour of those nurses.

Tiger and Zoya are the family man now but don’t withdraw thier hands to complete a heroic task. As a Salman Khan film, the climax must have a happy ending and here it will also be.

Everyone is saved and now both the nations are happy. 😀

This movie reminds a 2016 Malayalam film Take-Off was a terrific re-creation of that very same knife-edge situation, and the bravery-in-the-face-of-certain-death shown by the nurses, spearheaded by Parvathy. Tiger Zinda Hai uses it simply as a peg to get Salman centre-stage, only occasionally deigning to share the screen with Kaif (who has a terrific action sequence all to herself), and his cohorts (Mishra, Bedi and company). A menacing bearded type who goes by the name of Abu Usman (Delfroz) marches about, giving orders to shoot and kill, and the Americans, played by the most inept actors, as usual, are the biggest losers.

Why to watch: An ardent Bhai fan can’t ignore this movie if we even insist not to watch. 😀  A onetime watchable for action lovers. Katrina Kaif action sequence is superb.

Why not to watch: If you don’t want to see the steady and emotionless face of Katrina Kaif 😀


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