Top 5 Trends in Computer Science Research

Top trends in computer science and research
The concept of scientific research.

I got this question actually on Quora: What is currently the hot topics in computer science research?

In the world of technology, computer science has always a reputed position. There is never been a brighter chance for young computer science students than today.

According to recent statistics, computer science graduates have some of the highest starting salaries and the demand is such high that they can choose any type of job and industry they opt for.

Why is computer science so popular?

This is not a tough question to find out why computer science is so popular. Now a day, technology has been growing exponentially and there is a steadily increasing demand for bright graduates to come in and help to transform areas ranging from data infrastructure to cybersecurity. An interested candidate who want to pursue a career in computer science, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends in computer science research. It will make you able to have a choice about where to move next.
Here we are providing the top 5 fields which are trending in computer science and research field.

1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

A report says that the global robotics industry will touch the worth of US$38 billion by 2018. A major portion of this growth will go to strengthen the field of artificial intelligence (AI). As we know that artificial intelligence is one of the most controversial and intriguing areas of computer science research.

This technology is still in its early stage, but tech giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon are investing huge amounts of money and resources into artificial intelligence research. In future, this technology will provide a great opportunity to develop real-world applications of the technology, by providing a huge package for deserving ones. So, it is going to be a hot career option in upcoming years.

2. Big data analytics

In 2012, the Harvard Business Review branded data science the ‘sexiest job’ of the 21 century. Yes, it is sexy. Playing with data is always sexy. The big data analytics is going to be a huge employer in the future. Actually, there has been a surge in demand for experts in the big data field.

The most attractive part of this field is its salary. From banking to healthcare, big data analytics is everywhere, and the companies are always making an attempt to make better use of the enormous datasets they have, in order to personalize and improve their services.

3. Computer-assisted language learning

Computer-assisted education is also a very promising future. The use of computers and software to assist education and/or training is growing day by day. It brings many benefits and has many uses for students with learning disabilities. It can provide personalized instructions and enable students to learn at their own pace, freeing the teacher to devote more time to each individual. Many educators are praising its ability to allow students to engage in active, independent and play-based learning.

4. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is an application of big data. It uses the programming and software development to build enormous datasets of biological information for research purposes. This field has a great potential to create high demanding jobs. Big pharmaceutical companies are linking with software companies, so the demand of bioinformatics is growing day by day. They offer good job prospects for computer science researchers and graduates interested in biology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and computer information science.

5. Cyber Security

The increasing number of cyber attacks make the whole world think about the need of promising, practical and economical cybersecurity systems everywhere. It is very important because we live in a hyper-connected world, in which absolutely everything, from banking to dating to governmental infrastructure is done online. So, you can’t make data protection is an optional thing for either individuals or nations.

In 2014, Burning Glass published statistics that cybersecurity jobs in the US are grown by 74% between 2007 and 2013. It is more than twice the rate of IT jobs overall. Here is also a notable point that there is a shortening of qualified graduates in this field. In February 2015, President Barack Obama spoke of the need to “collaborate and explore partnerships that will help develop the best ways to bolster our cybersecurity.”

These all things are making this another growing strand of computer science research.

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