Two Types of Successful People

Two Types Successful People
Two Types Successful People

If we see the life of successful people, we shall find that there are two types of successful people in the world.

There may be thousands of the reasons to be successful but these two are the prominent one.

  1. Complete your education with a decent grade. Get a job and do your jobs wholeheartedly. This is the simplest way to be successful. Most of the people follow this one.
  2. Do what you want to do. Follow your passion, your dream and do your job by all your heart. This is not a sure recipe of success but the passionate, intelligent and diligent guys make it simple.

You can see a lot of examples of successful people who made a fortune for them and left a legacy behind them.

Here, we are comparing two people who were the master of the above two ways.

  • First was born on 28 December 1932 while the second one who born on 28 December 1937.
  • First one has the net worth of 22.6 billion USD while the second one’s net worth is something around 600 million USD.
  • First one was the chairman and MD of his company while the second one is just an employee with 3368 shares of the company.
  • First disliked school lessons, left school after 7th grade and chose to do physical work instead. On the other hand, the second one completed his Bachelor’s degree in architecture and after that MBA.
  • First one was a businessman while the second one is an Industrialist.
  • First one ran his businesses on the basis of capitalistic ideas while the second one runs his business based on socialistic principles.
  • First one sole focus was to earn a profit while the second one’s focus is just to make their presence everywhere.
  • First one was invested only in high profitable sectors while the second one invests right from edible salt.
  • First wanted India to be an economic superpower while the second one just wants India to be a happy country.
  • First one retired from the world on 6th July 2002 while the second one is servicing even actively his businesses.
  • The first was Dhirubhai Ambani while the second one is Ratan Tata.
  • First one was an example of “Rags to Riches” while the second one was a rich by generation.

These are the biggest differences between them:

Tata has touched every part of our life. We have respect for Reliance also but the way Tata has touched the lives of common people, hardly Reliance could do.

Note: Reliance’s telecommunication service “Reliance Jio” has completely changed the internet industry. This is the biggest contributor to modern digital India.

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