Which type of people never succeed in life

type people never succeed life
type people never succeed life

You can get a lot of inspirational quotes and valuable information for this question. I want to explain it in a different way.

What kind of people will never succeed in life?

Let me tell a story.

Once there was an old blacksmith who was famous for making the best swords in the country. He meets a lot of soldiers every day from different cities, even from distant borders and he made magnificent weapons for all of them. All soldiers praised him and boasted of their military achievements after wars. Everyone returned from campaigns with success.

One day a young lad came to him. He was in military uniform but look like a novice and young recruited one. He said: please, make the best sword in the world, I want to go on war with King and don’t want to discontent him. Can you make it?

The blacksmith replied: Yes, I can make an unbelievable sword but it will take 1 year to make it.

The young lad replied: one year is too long. Please make it as soon as it possible.

The blacksmith replied: I promise, I can make it but you have to wait, otherwise, it won’t be the best sword in the world.

The young warrior agreed and promise him to come after a year.

The blacksmith said, “Meanwhile, you must learn war skills from a reputed master”.

The young man returned and learned exceptional war skills from a reputed warrior.

After a year, the trained lad came to the blacksmith and he handed him his sword.

After some time, a war happened and during the war, this man showed high war skills and conquered all of his targets. The king won that war and gave a medal for this man exceptional bravery.

The warrior was extremely happy and came to the blacksmith to say thanks for the world’s best sword.

Blacksmith said:

“It is not the sword which won the battles but your fighting skills. You could do this with any other sword as well. I made this sword in just 2 days but I wanted you to learn extraordinary war skills that is why; I told you to come after a year”.

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What kind of people will never succeed?

  • The one who doesn’t know, what he/she needs for success.
  • The one who, instead of learning the required skills, focuses on proving his/her (fake) success to others, probably won’t succeed.
  • The one who, continuously thinks, if I were handsome or if I were tall or if I were born in White-house or if my father were a businessman then I would have been a badass successful person on this planet for sure, Probably, won’t succeed.

If one spends sufficient time in learning, never gives up whatever the conditions will be, I bet, no one can stop him from becoming successful.

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