Why do people show off?

Why people show off
Why people show off

Showing off is very obvious and totally acceptable when you’re a kid because you don’t know anything better to express. It is very common to people around the world. It doesn’t matter you are an Indian, an American, a British or having any other nationality, it simply applies to all of them.

Kids generally say: “My daddy’s got a Mercedes” or “My mummy is a firefighter” or “My father is the strongest man in the world” etc. These are common brags to overhear in the playground. But, when we get a bit older though, we come to realize that this shameless showboating is kind of unacceptable.

Showing off, boasting or any other type of activity is just used to feel you good and proud. But, is it works? Let’s see!

There is a scientific theory that claims the only reason humans ever do anything, is to assert their status and value to others. This is a classic example of that theory. By showing other men what assets they have, they’re hoping other men will be attracted to them and therefore see him as The Don. That asset can consist of the precious materialistic things to a living creature. Many people show off their girlfriend to other men in the hope that they will be attracted to her and therefore praise him.

How Indian show off?

Indians are very fond of showing off. This is one of a way of seeking attention and respect from our society.

There are numerous ways by which Indians show off.

  • Indians feel very proud to display of the name of their alma-mater: IIT, IIM, St. Stephen’s etc.
  • Indians do add the name of their profession with them if they are top class officers: IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc.
  • This is how Indians specify their home address: ‘I have my bungalow in …….’( a posh locality like Vasant Vihar, Defence Colony etc..)
  • If Indians are NRI, it is must display of their NRI status: ‘I actually stay in ……..’ (a famous Western country)
  • Let you know the school of their kids: ‘You know! My kids go to ……’.(a posh school like DPS R K Puram..)
  • Letting you know about their latest acquisition: ‘I have just purchased a new……..’( brand name of an expensive car). This is really great.’
  • Showing off their connections: ‘You know Mr/Mrs………(a famous politician). He/She is my close friend.
  • Speaking in English even with auto-drivers and vegetable vendors.

However, the best usually show off by breaking the law.

Indians strongly believe in the dictum that ‘actions speak louder than words’. 😀 

They park their cars in the no-parking zone, over speed, overtake from the wrong side, enter forcefully on the one-way road and refuse to give the toll at the national highways.

When they are questioned, they question back the person without revealing their identity,

‘Don’t you know who my father is?’ (Hindi: Janta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai?)

‘Don’t you know who I am?’ (Hindi: Janta Nahi Main Kaun Hoon?)

It actually implies that I am a government officer, politician or a friend or relative of them.

Hence, I have the license to break the law with impunity in India.

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